About Tiffany Vakilian

Tiffany Vakilian is the quintessential renaissance gal, an accomplished singer, performer, author, and editor.

Vakilian earned her Masters Degree from Goddard College with the concentration Transformative Language Arts; using spoken, written, sung or embodied word-art to facilitate social awareness and change. Her first solo publication, “Ugly Drawers, Pretty Panties” is her TLA facilitation put to personal use.

Just when I thought that it was safe to hide inside myself, I had to push through and put my art out into the world! Much like giving birth, it was painful, but necessary to push.

Shortly before graduating from UC Santa Barbara with her Bachelors in Composition, she joined the Soul City Survivors.


Tiffany traveled the USA with the Motown review band.



“It was unreal! I performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame while I was still in college!”

I sometimes feel like dancing in the middle of crowds. I try not to bump people.

Someone told her, “You exude art.”

Her husband, who read one of her novellas on their first date, wasn’t surprised.

It was no surprise to her schoolmates at Goddard College, who asked her to MC the Open Mic there every time she attended residency.

Ugly Drawers, Pretty Panties Book Launch
Write. Publish. Party. Repeat.

It certainly was no surprise to A Word With You Press, who called her their own from the first greeting and has happily published her first book.

I believe in multiple streams of income… I’m unashamed of my approach to right livelihood.

And she has no plans to stop, writing, performing, or freelancing.

I am an artrepreneur
an entreprenartist
and a true believer
In God
In myself
In words
In multiple streams of income
In the supernatural
of Pme and Qme
The transformative power of expression

Freelancer, Author, Transformative Language Artist