Happy New Year! 

In lieu of a Saturday Post, here is a New Years promise, kept and keeping.

You rarely hear dragonflies
Coming or going
Resting or moving
Not unless they are very close
Intimately close
Their song
Scary as the portents of
a new year
a new choice
a new life
And unapologetic
For being
Quiet OR beautiful
They don’t talk mess about
how bam is their glam
No need for marketing
They don’t puff up
They just show up
be beautiful
As they are
Don’t need a billboard
to label them
Their wings
Don’t need
a million
Social media fans
Don’t need merch buying followers
to increase their value
or premium
make them relevant
make them stronger
Don’t need to be anywhere
Because they are
In front
On the sides
Holding it up
Holding it down
Loud as the truth is scary
With barely any sound at all
They are free
to be heard
or ignored
Have you ever?

Let’s do the dang thing. It’s 2016.​

With words, song & prayer,

I sometimes feel like dancing in the middle of people. But I try not to bump the ones too close.

Yours Truly, Summer © 2011 Tiffany V.