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Tiffany Vakilian

Tiffany has been the “social media” board member for the San Diego Book Awards for over two years. I truly don’t know if the program would have survived without her. Not only has she created a social media presence for us, she has also completely revamped our website and put new processes in place to streamline everything from our use of PayPal to judging entries to helping us create an elegant awards ceremony. And when things get crazy, as they often do, Tiffany always keeps her sense of humor and optimistic outlook. San Diego writers owe Tiffany a big “Thank You” for helping to keep this program going.
-Jean Forsythe, President, San Diego Book Awards Association

Great spirit, talented writer! Tiffany is a wonderful artist and supporter of the arts. -Khadijah Ali-Coleman

Tiffany edited my book, Finding Our Way Back… She had fabulous suggestions for some creative changes and also kept me encouraged with “gold stars” along the way. I highly recommend her as an editor and a writer! -Suzanne Whitman Carlson

[Tiffany] is a dynamic individual that has the ability to forge words from heaven itself. -Brae Wyckoff

Tiffany was a huge part of the completion of my first book, inJustice. She came along beside me and edited with such grace, style, and excitement… She has honor and respect for storytelling, in turn building up my confidence to keep on in the process of my own storytelling! 5 stars just aren’t enough! -Michele Goane