Some days (like many Mondays) come with a modicum of drama. I take it in stride, and do a little dual-expression. Care to join me?

Feeling the words of my soul
light in my throat,
expressed through my fine motor skills.
Pen to paper.
Heart to eyes.
Slowing me down
and yet quickening me.
Moving about the kingdom inside
where the words feel like floating filaments.
Nerve endings
responding and responsive.
It’s a curving road
with dust and breeze
and I want to share
this beautiful place with you,
even in the midst of your
working and
Dance the curly tendrilled touch
of sacred relationship
within and without.
Present and be.
Be and be present.

I’ve missed writing to the nebulous. Feels like coming home, these words.

With words, songs, and prayer,