Wow been so busy these last weeks, and I’m taking a couple courses in TLA so I am creating a lot outside of the poet’s corner. The fruit abounds, and that makes me happy. I am being molded, and I am molding myself. It’s hard work. It’s tiring. But it is a miracle, and besides, I have to get up anyway!

In the meantime, creativity is stirring up inside of me and making for wonderful journaling moments and times that only God and I can describe to one another. I invite you to do the same. Spend time with yourself and get to know you. It is not always fun, or even pretty, but it is most rewarding.

And then dive back in and do it again! Time will go forward anyway, so you may as well enjoy the ride with yourself.



Fred Rivera’s Raw Man has turned into a TLA history maker. You can read about it when next I publish in the Chrysalis TLA journal.

Fred and Herman... back then

Writing his book for catharsis and growth, he grew from it. He changed lives with it. He found out part of it wasn’t true. His best friend Herman did die in his arms, as he so powerfully wrote.

But Herman woke up later with a toe tag! Fred didn’t know until 47 YEARS passed.

And now, in July, they are going to reunite in DC!

I’m going to be there to join my joy in theirs (and help with minor details). Wanna help me? It’s easy.

Please donate/like/share the news of Fred’s miracle so it may cycle into 2nd gear.

Here is the link that tells you more, and how to be part…


With words, song, and prayer,
Tiffany V

Transformative Language Arts, "The Blues"
“The Blues” by Blake Kern turned 2016 TLA