PINGED: “Tonight I was scrolling through lots of selfies on Instragram, wondering what I could possibly find… They really struck me–in the large groups in the # categories–as narcissistic in the most boring way.” -LB

I took a trip to the selfie

She was not ready to be filmed

I’m not made up for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, Instagram

She said

INstantly self on display

INstantly selfie was not self

“Give me a minute to put on my fake

I mean my face”

He said

I left the car running

Idling on the off ramp

Are you ready to see the real self

In a self-ie

The one unadorned

By the lies you tell yourself

The lies to live for the theys

Aren’t your muscles tired

From all the politicking

Of your beautiful

Doesn’t all that extra work cause premature aging?

But then

She got in the car

And she was refreshingly real

He came with her

No bull in his baggage

There were only the two of them

But it was a powerful start

And selfie was not so full of