I consider the Fall my season
I’ve appreciated the summer
as something meant to pass
the quicker the better
Climate craziness notwithstanding
You can smell the Autumn in the air
And not just coming from the
coffeehouse vents
There’s a scent of almost cold
Of apples and school busĀ fumes
Of Halloween and Harvest Festival makeup
And bushels of candy being consumed
Tearing up tiny teeth
Dying leaves
Dying beautifully
But with that yeasty sweetness
That is almost forgivable
Because it’s so colorful
And sometimes, just sometimes,
There’s a smell of practice meals
for friends
for family
for Thanksgiving
But there are stores shouting
Hello Halloween
Let’s Pumpkin out
Be Thankful
Christmas Trees are on sale
In August
Let alone September
When Autumn actually comes
I’m learning to appreciate
the harvest
even though the timing
isn’t as natural as it
used to be