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I Was Waiting for You

I was walking around my dining room last night, holding heaven in my arms. 

I sang. 

I danced.

For the past 31 days, I have been high on love.

I was given a promise in 2009, and it took until 2017 for all the pieces to fall divinely into place.

I am fabulously tired.

I’m outrageously joyful.

Her name is Grace Carole.

I am her mother.

She is one month old today.

“…And the world thought I had it all,
but I was waiting for you…”

Intricately Woven


I am myself, my own, childlike and grown, and here I am with you
There are destinies in future times that only I can do
And yet
I bet
I couldn’t do it without you

You are here now, your own, and not alone, because here I am with you
There are cups to drink that make me think this goblet is your due
And now
I’ve found
I’m meant to be there to

We are together dancing out, and we have things to do
We have lives to live and things to give
Stories to tell life to
And yet
I bet
The dance is this way true

Finding friends with wings is amazing. The concept of flying in one accord is one that is new and refreshing. It’s kinda sexy.


What you Paid For

Sometimes there is a bridge burned
And sometimes there is a point man
Let me lift this face
Let me lift this heart
I see much more
And there is nothing I can’t do

Sitting on the strength of the bricks I paid
It’s not as strong as I wanted
And I’m stronger than I thought
I have very few regrets
And I’m singularly grateful for this
I paid for this, my life

Sometimes I want to reach out to hold
And sometimes I will own my open hands
Let me set this down
Let me set you free
I love much stronger
And there is nothing my heart can’t love

Standing on the strength of the foundation I laid
It’s stronger that I give it credit for
It’s not as strong as it will in future be
I am always learning
And I’m open to the truth
I’m paying for this, my life

When the wings are dry, there is this feeling–a readiness. It holds tension like a violin just before the string is struck in a solo. The hardest part is patience. The hardest part is trust. But there is a twinkling, like a drop light in the dew of a new day. I’m making a stand here. I will wait. I will trust. And I will play my part as only I can.