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Sharing Wonderfulness!

I have wonderful news that needs sharing!

I am being sponsored to attend the Kingdom Writers Conference in Vista, CA next month! That blesses and humbles me more than I can say. Please, if you can’t go, sponsor a writer, or better yet, sponsor TWO! If you can’t sponsor someone, please just share the news so we can find other potential sponsors. Let’s share this awesome opportunity and help local San Diego writers to attend!

$59 for a single ticket, or $89 for two.
Help a writer to attend and get fired up!

Someone is sponsoring my attendance!

Unburying My Tokens

I’d love to tell you all that has been going on, but the bottle is once again shaken, and the necessary bubbles are pushing the top off of my once again settled life.

In the meantime, here are some words I wrote for a class about Transformative Language Arts:

I had someone prophesy over me once. He said I have “kingdoms in me” and “platforms in me” (my artistic outlets). I’ve always been at home on stage, and it took a few decades for me to be ok with that. Some people in my past would manipulate me with words about wanting to be in the limelight and being inauthentic.

I have since learned of their treachery, and became authentic in performance because I stopped performing myself for those people.

And now I walk in this glorious humble happiness and knowledge that home is onstage, in front of a mic, but not for myself. It’s the corporate coming together that is home for me. My gift, my token, what *I* bring to the table, is my connection, and my connecting ability. I have that gift.

I will not dishonor it by avoiding it… No need to hide from what I don’t understand. I am being me now.

That is a gift too.

I say it openly.
Please disagree.
Let me do the same.
and with all respect I say
“be different from me!”
But let us connect
in the places that we can
And we all can.

Connect in chaos
Start this dance right in the middle
Every jot and tiddle of me
Needs to be
And I ask it
And I give permission to it
My hands don’t need your hands
But reaching
I am saying
Let us connect here
Before we die
Let us try
Time is unabashedly
NOT on our side
We are already right in the middle
Of a dance going wonky
The disc jockey
Is a jabberwockey
Let us hold on
Before we are let go

Happy Monday

Some days (like many Mondays) come with a modicum of drama. I take it in stride, and do a little dual-expression. Care to join me?

Feeling the words of my soul
light in my throat,
expressed through my fine motor skills.
Pen to paper.
Heart to eyes.
Slowing me down
and yet quickening me.
Moving about the kingdom inside
where the words feel like floating filaments.
Nerve endings
responding and responsive.
It’s a curving road
with dust and breeze
and I want to share
this beautiful place with you,
even in the midst of your
working and
Dance the curly tendrilled touch
of sacred relationship
within and without.
Present and be.
Be and be present.

I’ve missed writing to the nebulous. Feels like coming home, these words.

With words, songs, and prayer,