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Sharing Wonderfulness!

I have wonderful news that needs sharing!

I am being sponsored to attend the Kingdom Writers Conference in Vista, CA next month! That blesses and humbles me more than I can say. Please, if you can’t go, sponsor a writer, or better yet, sponsor TWO! If you can’t sponsor someone, please just share the news so we can find other potential sponsors. Let’s share this awesome opportunity and help local San Diego writers to attend!

$59 for a single ticket, or $89 for two.
Help a writer to attend and get fired up!

Someone is sponsoring my attendance!

Disagree Please

Welcome back! Here’s a Saturday post to conclude a wonky work week! This piece was inspired by “Pants”, “Frida”, “Beyonce”, and our many conversations in the greenroom of Boxing Love with Shakespeare’s Women, especially on that last day. In wonderful ways of transformation, let’s have deep and passionate discourse that still respects and allows difference of opinion.

I am allowed to disagree with you
all the time
In whole
In part
With some, half, all or none of my heart
Nothing else left in the world
to take my voice
my ability to speak
my choice
and lovingly
with respect to me
take my opportunity
to disagree
We don’t have to be
the same
how lame
what an unfortunate game
I stand apart
and feel NO shame
My wings are my own
hips and hair
imported and important
And standing right there
At the cross
roads intersect
I do not genuflect
And shut myself down to show you respect
My thoughts like the dew collect
But will not melt
in the heat
of your sideways glance at me
I claim all parts
They are mine and loved
And if you don’t
I won’t
make you
Take you from what you think will break you
so that you’ll fake you
For me
No thanks
Please disagree

With words, songs, and prayer,

From the West Coast, with love on a Saturday!

AWWYP Author Spotlight- Tiffany Vakilian!!!

As part of our ongoing series interviewing writers , authors and poets in the AWwYP stable, we’d like to highlight Tiffany Vakilian. Read on about her practice of writing (and singing) and about what grounds finding your voice.

With words, song & prayer,
Yours Truly, Summer 2011
© Tiffany Monique