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Untitled 10-5-17

I choose life
Even bloody life
It can burn like fire
The bloodiness of that word
It sounded like
The feeling of it
Bound me ’round my waist
And my throat
I couldn’t see my way clear
Until I chose
My eyes were covered
And then I chose
I can’t be seen clearly
Your “rose-colored” love
Is a warped diadem
Leaning a bit too far down
You can’t see me
For the tyranny of your title
And so here we are
Trying to see one another
None doing it correctly
Until we choose
And the words bleed bloody justification
No honesty or attempts at bridges
Only bloody words
Scaring and scarring
But I choose life
I choose fire
I choose joy
Bloody joy even

The Valuelessness of Tradition

I’ve been bombarded with the thoughts of tradition
Creating them
Breaking them
Learning from  and annoyed by them
Why must it go this way?
I’ve been creating new family traditions
I’ve been upholding old family traditions
I’ve been eschewing bad family traditions
Why must I choose this way?
Choice or culture
Why do you act that way?
Fearful and irrational
Is this the tradition today?