Some people are in the car with you
Sometimes you’re on your way to them
Sometimes you’re on a bike
Peddling like an idiot
Cuz you need to leave that mode of transport
In the mud where you got it stuck
Sometimes this 10-mile stretch is curved
With a 7% grade
Keep going
Watch the brakes
Lower your gear
Sometimes your friend
Slashes the tires of the family car
Sometimes your cousin has rotten gas
or smelly feet
And rudely takes off his shoes
In the winter on the freeway
And you have to sit in the smell
Or die of hypothermia
Sometimes it is silent
Dark but for stars
And the dashboard panel
Stay awake
Sometimes traffic jams up
And there is too much noise
Sometimes you let everyone else
Drive your car
So you can’t complain where they take you
Sometimes you use faith more than gasoline
Sometimes sometimes sometimes
But it is still your journey to make
It is still your story to tell
It is still your road to go