I has been almost a year since so many things.
It has been over a year since so many others.
Making love is a science that laymen practice with broken tools.
But it is the brokenness that makes the beauty.
Tricky little fishes.
You are honoring no one when you mute the voice you were given.
It is a gift.
Blood and fire burn and people walk by on the street.
Nauseated by the frailty of their bodies.
Silly ones think that it can’t be this way
But not seriously.

###   ###   ###

When it is time to hold on to the one hurting so bad they are flinging their arms and armaments in every direction, especially yours? When is it time to open your mouth and sing the song, call the name, cry the cry that is solely made for your mouth? Are you unafraid of your instrument? Are you unafraid of working hard? Are you unafraid, perhaps, of it being that easy? Are you unafraid to walk out the journey that no one can walk but you? Are you willing to get unafraid if you aren’t?

Featured photo credit to Josh Hoyt