Have you checked the time? Happy Saturday Post to you!


The great boss battle

The only constant confidant

And apathetic appetite

We all face

It does not rest

It does not care

Whether or not you befriend

Or fight tooth and nail

With unapologetic hands

Time joins in the murder

While it is still making room

For you

To be born

It will kill what you love

And beat down your petty disagreements

As if the current civilization

Or the dinner menu

Will matter twelve millenia from now

Time is ruthless

In its love

Of going on without you

Does not give back

What it takes from you

And does not laugh when you fall in the poop

Moving sluggishly faster than the speed of light

Screwing your spouse

Marking your territory

Teasing you

It wars against you

With more coldness

Than any terrorist in history

Time built them

And killed them

And wrote the book about them

Then burned down the library

And all the kings horses

And Humpty Dumpty

Mother Goose and Grimm

Can tell no Aesop Fable

To calm the God of Time

To rest

It wars a war

With us all


Some moments try to stop you where you stand. Time is tricky that way, making you think you are not moving, when the world is going on with you in its current. I reflect on beautiful and horrible (also smart and stupid) moments often. One particular moment is in the air around me a lot. I suppose it is in my air, until I take my last breath. A little heavy for a Saturday morning? Memories are beautiful, and powerful that way. And they paint pictures that I am, on occasion, able to capture and realize as art. This is my Transformation process.

Another example of my Transformative Language Arts in practice can be found here ==> Gravitas on Tap -From my submission the Valentine’s Contest from A Word With You Press. The prompt – Lost Love.

Gravitas on Tap